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Kitsap website design will manage your e-commerce solutions

Here are some website features that will be available to you:
mastheads & Flash Introductions:
Enhance your website with a stylish animation graphic on the "Enter" page or throughout the site. Provide us with your, video, photos or visual preferences, and we'll do the rest!

Custom Graphic Design:
Backgrounds, buttons and other graphics will be custom-designed to match your visual preferences and enhance the overall look of your website.Page Formatting:
Website text and images will be arranged for premium viewing.

Content pages may include, but are not limited to:
Company Description
Contact Information
Product/Service Descriptions
Photo/Image Galleries
Employee Profiles
Resource Links
General Information

Submission Forms:
Website visitors will be able to ask questions, provide feedback, check items of interest via email. General Contact/Query Surveys Feedback Forms.

Content Editing:
When you provide your website page text, it will be edited for grammar, structure, continuity, and style.

Self-publish, market and sell your work online. Kitsap website design will edit and format your text, create a downloadable version that can be purchased through your website, and market the final product to increase your readership.

Kitsap website design will manage your e-commerce solutions within a customized design, allowing customers to view product/service descriptions, add items to an online shopping cart, and make online purchases.

Website maintenance:
After your website design is completed to your satisfaction, when elements of the site need to be changed or updated, those changes will be posted within 1-2 days of notification.

Search Engine Optimization & marketing:
During the design process, Kitsap website design will code your website with keywords and create a page structure that will achieve high search engine visibility. We also will submit your website to popular search engines and recommend advertising options specific to your marketing needs.

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